Thursday, April 24, 2008

Most Expensive Diamond

Most Expensive Diamond

The most expensive diamond was declared last year 2007. And it was known as the Blue Vivid Diamond in which it was sold at $ 7.98 Million. This expensive diamond was bought by a rare stone specialist named as Moussaieff Jewellers of Lodon. The blue diamond was resulting to 6.04 carat, and it cost $ 1.32 million per carat which make it an expensive diamond. And for further information its break the record of most expensive diamond which cost $ 926, 000 set by emerald cut diamond in New York.


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Jay said...

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Jenice said...

Wow. Its really nice to know about the most expensive diamond. Diamonds are really expensive and this is one that do holds a big amount. I do love to shop for diamond jewelry and do have added some of the exclusive pieces to my collection that I love to wear on special occasions. Thanks for this informative post.
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