Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The most expensive diamond necklace

The most expensive diamond has been owned by H. Stern’s Venus which is amounting to $3.17 million. This diamond composed of 10-carat diamond necklace features a number of cushion, square and pear-cut diamonds set in 18k noble gold.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Diamond Ring through Iphone

Technology for now continues to evolve and it's now a big use to everyone of us. We can use it in our daily life, just like cellphone. Cellphone for now is not just for texting and calling but you can use it for surfing the web and shopping like engagement ring. According to Luxist, shoppers now can buyt engagement ring through iPhone. Stuller has partnered with Gemvision Corp. on an app that lets you try on a ring no matter where you are using the iPhone camera. The app is called "Live DiamondTry-On (brought to you by Red Box Diamonds)" and will be available for free this summer from the App store.

Users can select a diamond engagement ring, choosing metal, carat size, style and more then try it out for size on their own hand. To get the full effect you can put the iPhone on your hand and tilt it to get a sense of the ring's sparkle as it shifts. The image can be saved and e-mailed and posted on Facebook or Twitter. The user can then get the real thing using the app's "find a jeweler" function.