Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Diamond at Best Diamond

Black Diamond at Best Diamond

Black Diamond also known as Carbonado is one of the most rare and most expensive diamonds that are existing on earth. Based from the experts black diamond was occur in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from compact to porous. Its natural colour is black or dark grey, and it is more porous than other diamonds.

As time passed by raw black diamond developed to be a precious and expensive jewelry such black diamond ring, black diamond necklace, black diamond bracelet even in cellphones and other more. Black diamond can be seen also for most famous celebrity in the hollywood. It was really a big fame for a person who have a black diamond gems.

If you were wishing to have this kind jewelry or gems, I'm sure that you will needing a big bucks on your wallet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Diamonds Best covered into a Car

Diamonds Best covered into a Cardiamonds all over Mercedez LS

Mercedez LS seen to be very brightness because of the the diamonds that covered the whole it. At a first glance it just like a glitters that sprayed all over its body or some says that it was a full of a bright bling. But the truth of it, it was really precious diamonds. This Mercedez LS will surely high in cost because of its diamonds, the best diamonds in there. And for sure everyone is dreaming to drive this Mercedez LS that is totally covered by best of the best diamonds.