Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Diamond Jewelry for People and Pets

Best Diamond Jewelry  for People and Pets
Diamonds jewelry were not only for man and woman but for pets also. Would you take a bucks from your pocket just to buy a diamond jewelry for your pet?, well it is easy for those who love their pets well and for those who have a lot of bucks.

For those who seekers of diamond jewelry for their pets, there was a diamond jewelry designed for people and pets by Barney's Bling, this diamond jewelry dog bones and the Barney's Bling signature design, a heart paw print in 18K white gold and diamonds , worn on a 16" chain. The necklace and tag comes in two sizes big and little and sells for $4830 and $3150.

Diamond jewelry lovers and pets lover will absolutely like this diamond jewelry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

20th Largest Diamond on Earth

20th Largest Diamond on Earth,
The 2oth largest diamond on earth was found by Letseng Mine, in Lesotho, a small kingdom in South Africa. They said diamond has a weight of 478 carats. But still the diamond said to be unknown, and approximately the diamond have the has the potential to yield a 150 carat cut stone, which is estimated to cost up to tens of millions of dollars acknowledge by the company.