Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Skull designed by Diamonds

The Skull which designed by a diamond is covered with 8,601 real diamonds and has been valued as the most expensive contemporary work of art. Hirst spent about $20 million USD to create the diamond covered work and put a price tag of $100 million USD on it. And this man made art was named as the For the Love of God.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Diamond Jewelry for People and Pets

Best Diamond Jewelry  for People and Pets
Diamonds jewelry were not only for man and woman but for pets also. Would you take a bucks from your pocket just to buy a diamond jewelry for your pet?, well it is easy for those who love their pets well and for those who have a lot of bucks.

For those who seekers of diamond jewelry for their pets, there was a diamond jewelry designed for people and pets by Barney's Bling, this diamond jewelry dog bones and the Barney's Bling signature design, a heart paw print in 18K white gold and diamonds , worn on a 16" chain. The necklace and tag comes in two sizes big and little and sells for $4830 and $3150.

Diamond jewelry lovers and pets lover will absolutely like this diamond jewelry.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

20th Largest Diamond on Earth

20th Largest Diamond on Earth,http://diamond-best.blogspot.com
The 2oth largest diamond on earth was found by Letseng Mine, in Lesotho, a small kingdom in South Africa. They said diamond has a weight of 478 carats. But still the diamond said to be unknown, and approximately the diamond have the has the potential to yield a 150 carat cut stone, which is estimated to cost up to tens of millions of dollars acknowledge by the company.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pepsi Can encrusted with Diamond Jewelry

Pepsi Can encrusted with Diamond Jewelry
Once in the history of Pepsi they gave $100,000 jewel-studded soft-drink can to a lucky fan of the Super Bowl XLI halftime show. All in all it was proximately 300 diamonds, 100 sapphire and 100 rubies. But the can don't have Pepsi inside it. And in order to get one of the Pepsi can encrusted with Diamonds jewelry, the only thing you must do is to win. The designer of this Pepsi can encrusted with diamonds jewelry was inspired by past Super Bowl rings.

So lucky for those Super Bowl XLI fan who get it. Its nice to have it because it was extremely unique stuff, imagine a Pepsi can with diamond jewelry encrusted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Worldwide Expensive Barbie Doll

Barbie doll with Diamond Jewelry
From the creativity of De Beers Family of Companies, who is engaged with diamonds jewelry exploration designed the most expensive Barbie Doll all over the world. The reason why it is very expensive it is because this Barbie Doll has been designed through Diamonds. In fact it was decorated almost 160 Diamonds jewelry and it was ranging to $85,000.

So if you want your Baby girl to become popular over the world, then buy her such kind of Barbie Doll., but surely it will cost you much.

Monday, September 8, 2008

$4.8M Motorcycle covered with Diamond Jewelry

$4.8M Diamond Motorcycle
This motorcycle which is covered with diamond jewelry was a man-handed creativity which is ordered by one of the richest man in Saudi who is Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, and he pay for $4.8 million. But this bike was totally made up by diamonds jewelry because it has some mixed of swarovski crystals.

Even the motorcycle was not a purely diamond in nature., still only rich people like Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal can afford to ordered or owned such kind of motorcycle. In other ways Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal was have the largest shareholder in CitiGroup inc., the world's largest bank. And one of the shareholder of AOL.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Diamond Putter for Girl Golfers

Diamond  Putter for Girl Golfers
There was a customized Golf Putter which is designed with diamonds on it which is suitable for girls who is inlove with golf. The golf putter comes festooned with 24ct gold-plated shaft with its top bathed in tinted crystals which is cost upto $3,900. For girls who is inlove with diamonds as well as golf will surely fit on this fabulous diamond and only rich girls was destined to onwed this kind of Putter.

Friday, May 2, 2008

24kt Diamond encrusted on Macbook Pro

24kt Diamond encrusted on Macbook Pro
This MacBook Pro is not expensive as others MacBook Pro on stores but there was something on it that make it popular and expensive. As you see on the apple logo it was shining. Those were diamonds encrusted on it. It was a 24kt diamond, just imagine how expensive those diamond encrusted on the Apple Logo. That the reason why this MacBook Pro becaome expensive and unique from other MacBook on stores.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Diamonds at N95 8Gb Cellular Phone

Diamonds at N95 8Gb Cellular PhoneAbove is an picture of a Nokia N95 8gb cellular phone with diamond designed around it. It was a creative output of Alexander Amosu. This exclusive limited edition diamond Nokia N95 8GB will be limited to just 10 in the whole wide world, and each handset is adorned with 18 carat solid white gold with 325 diamonds, boasting a total diamond weight of 3.30 carats. And to be exact it cost to $24,482.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Diamond encrusted in Gold USB Stick Gadget

Diamond engraved in Gold USB Stick Gadget
As I across the the internet, I was catch by this unique and elegant gadget. This gadget was gold color in nature having an ice like particles embed on it. But the really in reality it was a a piece of diamond engraved to a pure gold usb stick. The White Lake gold and diamond USB stick is a 14k or 18k gold storage device, available with or without diamonds, designed by Dutch goldsmith Erwin de Vroome. It was a really an awesome gadget to have, having a diamond usb stick will be a great pleaseure for people who have the money to buy and owned it. The White Lake gold and diamond USB stick has a good and cool design.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Most Expensive Diamond

Most Expensive Diamond

The most expensive diamond was declared last year 2007. And it was known as the Blue Vivid Diamond in which it was sold at $ 7.98 Million. This expensive diamond was bought by a rare stone specialist named as Moussaieff Jewellers of Lodon. The blue diamond was resulting to 6.04 carat, and it cost $ 1.32 million per carat which make it an expensive diamond. And for further information its break the record of most expensive diamond which cost $ 926, 000 set by emerald cut diamond in New York.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Famous Gems for Popular People

One of the most famous and popular Gems in world was was owned by Countess Mona von Bismarck, and its know as Bismark Sapphire Necklace which is located in Sri Lanka and designed by the popular designer Cartier. This Bismark Sapphire Necklace Gems was 98.6-carat deep blue sapphire in a diamond. And this famous Gems was known to be a piece of gift to the Smithsonian Institute by Countess Mona von Bismark in 1967. The Bismarck Sapphire like all other corundum originated about 500 million to 2 billion years ago, about 60 km to 400 km deep inside the earth, in its upper mantle, where extremes of temperature and pressure were conducive to their formation.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Best Diamond Ring Lego

Best Diamond Ring Lego
Time and time diamond has incorporated for some popular gadget that was hot today like diamond covered into a car, put an a diamond bling for a cellphone and other other gadgets which diamond can be incorporate. They also used best diamonds for gaming gadgets and games-like.

Have you ever seen a diamond ring which is designed for a Lego. Yes it was a Lego-like ring, in which at the top of the diamond ring was a Lego, and you can select a different color it. It was really a cool design and a nice for best diamonds. Approximately this ring was ranging as high as 250 US Dollars.

For best diamonds lover and a Lego lover will be surely like it and want to have it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Celebrity with the best Diamond Jewelry

Celebrity with the best Diamond Jewelry
Hottest and sexiest celebrity Anne Hathaway were wearing one pf the best and most expensive jewelry in the world and she was wearing those diamond jewelry. Anne Hathaway were been shining on those best diamonds she was wearing. And if you were those diamond jewelry, think that you were like Anne Hathaway for being a famous celebrity.

Famous Diamond on Earth

Famous Diamond on Earth
One of the famous Diamond here on Earth was they so called The Golden Jubilee. The Golden Jubilee is the largest faceted diamond in the world, weighing 545.67 carats. It was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee – the 50th Anniversary of his coronation. The diamond is a “fire rose cushion cut” with fancy yellow-brown coloring. The government of Thailand reported the stone as being a large golden topaz so as not to irritate the populace over the purchase of a massive diamond.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Diamond at Best Diamond

Black Diamond at Best Diamond

Black Diamond also known as Carbonado is one of the most rare and most expensive diamonds that are existing on earth. Based from the experts black diamond was occur in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a texture varying from compact to porous. Its natural colour is black or dark grey, and it is more porous than other diamonds.

As time passed by raw black diamond developed to be a precious and expensive jewelry such black diamond ring, black diamond necklace, black diamond bracelet even in cellphones and other more. Black diamond can be seen also for most famous celebrity in the hollywood. It was really a big fame for a person who have a black diamond gems.

If you were wishing to have this kind jewelry or gems, I'm sure that you will needing a big bucks on your wallet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Diamonds Best covered into a Car

Diamonds Best covered into a Cardiamonds all over Mercedez LS

Mercedez LS seen to be very brightness because of the the diamonds that covered the whole it. At a first glance it just like a glitters that sprayed all over its body or some says that it was a full of a bright bling. But the truth of it, it was really precious diamonds. This Mercedez LS will surely high in cost because of its diamonds, the best diamonds in there. And for sure everyone is dreaming to drive this Mercedez LS that is totally covered by best of the best diamonds.